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Spray booth filters & filtration

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High efficiency spray booth filters

Ensuring the highest level of filtration for your spray booth. We stock a range of filters in different materials to suit all spray applications.

Quality filters will ensure your booth keeps running cleanly and efficiently.

Disposable and fibreglass filters available:

  • Air inlet filters
  • Extract filters
  • Arrestor extract secondary filters
  • Glassfibre paint arrestor extract filters

The importance of filtration

Maintaining a constant airflow within a spraying area is very important. Our range of spray booth filters works for all types of paint including powder paints.

Dust is captured whilst allowing air to pass through easily until the filter is full. Airflow is maintained for longer.

Filters should be changed regularly to ensure your machine is working at its optimum level.

Contact us for details of our full range and latest pricing.

Other spray booth services

We offer spray booths from manufacturers including Dynaclean and Gallito as well as offering a spray booth design service for all types of spraying applications. Just call us with your requirements.

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