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Spray Booth Sundries

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Spray booth sundries.

Water wash chemical additives.
Anti-foam agents C130 liquid water additive

Paint shop hand cleaners
C155 High performance hand cleaner C157 Liquid hand cleaner

Peelable booth and floor coatings
0230 Booth coating (Water Based) C200 Booth Coating (Solvent Based) C240 Floor Coating C250 Clear Coating for lights

Paint strippers
C 160 Metal Paint Stripper C165 Wood Paint Stripper

Tak Rags
T612 100 metre roll

Spray booth filters
Disposable and fibreglass filters available


Other spray booth services

We offer spray booths from manufacturers including Dynaclean and Gallito as well as offering a spray booth design service for all types of spraying applications. Just call us with your requirements.

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